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Craig Silverman made a great collection of tools and tips.

Here you go:

In the game of quotes, Tim Berners-Lee gets always his fair share.

"Targeted advertising allows a campaign to say completely different, possibly conflicting things to different groups. Is that democratic?"

This long read on Sri Lankan attempts to curb anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, leading to blocking access temporarily, is really something. "Extremists in Sri Lanka used Facebook to organize deadly violence against Muslims. Facebook is accused of not doing enough to prevent it."

Here you can follow live all sessions at the in Perugia:


I'm looking for contracting opportunities, and would like to know if the fediverse has any.

My skills: I am familiar with GTK, the Web, Python, Git, free software in general, and much more. I have a BSc, Computer Science. enjoy efficiently computing answers to problems, as well as designing UIs that are instantly familiar to your users. And if pressed I can do *some* graphic design (e.g. my avatar here/Odysseus's app icon).

Please DM me if interested.

And please boost this toot!

I appreciate the work BuzzFeed has been doing dissembling hoaxes and anti-Islam "news": This Hoax About Muslims Wanting To Ban Dogs In Public Just Won't Die. "Nearly two years later, the hoax keeps going viral on Facebook."

A few weeks ago I wrote about Steven Pinker's , and how that celebrated new book can teach you to be a better journalist. 📰

I just noticed, it also helps being a better reader. 👓


List of my Mastodon bots (so far):

#toronto bots:


#worldnews bots:


If any of the above open an official Mastodon account I'll delete the specific bot, but until then... :thinkerguns:

Reading: So what is that, er, Trusted News Integrity Trust Project all about? A guide to the (many, similarly named) new efforts fighting for journalism

My local news org found and reported security problems to Facebook: Tyee ‘White Hat’ security report brings change, but weaknesses remain.

Hi, as suggested by @david_ross, and exemplified by @piero, here's my .

👔 Founder and exec dir. of the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation.

💡 I'm an techie and early adopter with a knack for seeing imporatn trends early. Involved heavily in projects that empower local and a strong free press.

💬 I created FourthEstate.Social as to provide journalists and Fourth Estate members with a forward alternative to the legacy social networks.

Hi everyone.

I work in communications and graphic design. I studied philosophy and wrote a thesis in philosophy of science, epistemology, and questions about truth.

These days I'm interested in public discourse and advertising. I believe is a species of public relations - ask me about it sometime. I'm also interested in developing more shared, robust theories of what counts as journalism, in order to make it better. (I use he/him.)

H/T @david_ross

Using Tootdon for my mobile client. Anything better? What about android?

I came across this research over the weekend and it looks interesting. I'm going to take a closer look at it this week.

How does the media portray drinking water security in Indigenous communities in Canada? An analysis of Canadian newspaper coverage from 2000-2015

I'm interested in discourse analysis, especially of journalism and other media. It's essentially .