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Finally getting around to posting my analysis of how Canadian journalism does when it comes to reporting on the Islamic concept of jihad. Canadian journalism fails at nuance when it comes to jihad: A critical analysis of The Globe and Mail and the National Post and the perpetuation of Islamophobia.

Finally got around to doing a comparison of ads to articles in The Globe and Mail. The A Section on June 02 was 55% ads.

Ads versus articles in the Saturday BC Edition of the Globe and Mail, A Section

"Uhh... he was writing inflammatory opinion columns, but now he's been silenced."

"We should preserve the past on the web, and learn to make sites even more future-safe. The web is where human knowlege accumulates"

- Dave Winer

just some random ideas on that subject:
- stop funding by advertisement
(motivation towards clickbaits)
- being more transparent, rather tryn to hide behind the idea of neutrality
- regular be educative about critical thinking, fallacies etc. (if an article points out critic towards some fake news, explaining the patterns behind, not just the specifics.)
- using/building social networks that counter clickbaits
- being supportive to other journalists that do similiar

Hello new followers, its been a month since I've returned to the fediverse and I want to thank you for all the feedback and support you have given for the federated instagram project and GNU/Social ActivityPub plugin. I think this will be a great summer!

Reading: Fighting Fakes โ€’ The Nordic Way (PDF)

"To counter propaganda, disinformation and the โ€œfake newsโ€ business, some governments would be eager to develop new legislation regulating the media. Unanimously, the group of experts rejects such an approach, and gives a very clear advice on supporting a free and pluralistic media, investigative journalism and self-regulation as the best tools to uphold credibility in the media."

Some powerful reflections on the unconscious editorial decisions that shape narrative here from 2014: How I sanitized the feminist outrage over the Montreal massacre

"No one told me what not to write, but I just knew, in the way I knew not to seem strident in a workplace where Iโ€™d already learned how to laugh at sexist jokes..."

Reading: "Researchers have found that op-ed pieces have large and long-lasting effects on people's views among both the general public and policy experts. The study also found that Democrats and Republicans altered their views in the direction of the op-ed piece in roughly equal measure. "

In the game of quotes, Tim Berners-Lee gets always his fair share.

"Targeted advertising allows a campaign to say completely different, possibly conflicting things to different groups. Is that democratic?"

This long read on Sri Lankan attempts to curb anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, leading to blocking access temporarily, is really something. "Extremists in Sri Lanka used Facebook to organize deadly violence against Muslims. Facebook is accused of not doing enough to prevent it."

Here you can follow live all sessions at the in Perugia:


I'm looking for contracting opportunities, and would like to know if the fediverse has any.

My skills: I am familiar with GTK, the Web, Python, Git, free software in general, and much more. I have a BSc, Computer Science. enjoy efficiently computing answers to problems, as well as designing UIs that are instantly familiar to your users. And if pressed I can do *some* graphic design (e.g. my avatar here/Odysseus's app icon).

Please DM me if interested.

And please boost this toot!