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In Kenya, there’s growing debate about media accountability – that the media should act in the interests of the public good, and that it’s accurate, free and fair. Most of the debate has focused on the lack of quality journalism and a decline in journalistic ethics.

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NEW: It is widely known that major media outlets in #Russia — especially television — are controlled by the government. But who actually manages the #Kremlin’s grip? This is the story of Alexey Gromov, a former diplomat who has gained great influence and power as Vladimir #Putin’s media puppetmaster.

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By withdrawing the most valuable bills in the nation, #Kenya's officials hope that those who have received large sums of cash illicitly will be forced to disclose the source of their #money while exchanging or take the heavy financial loss when October comes.

If anything in land is evident, it's the fact that we need far fewer pundits/analysts and far more reporters

Time to rebuild it.

The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it.

Russiagate is WMD times a million.


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