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Academics have come up with a unique taxpayer plan to save journalism, but Americans may not be willing to pay for it


Every town needs an independent news outlet. Every single one of them.

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." —Warren Buffett

Plant some trees people.

Twitter has suspended @sparrowmedia
for posting a pretrial statement (read: publicly accessible court document) filed by Roger Stone that supposedly contained phone numbers linked to Steve Bannon, Rick Gates, and others. @TwitterSupport
continues to baffle.


Sam Carliner at The Montclarion rehashes some key existential questions for news orgs.

Democracy Dies in Paywalls

There is quite literally nothing more important to the health of a community and to a strong a and robust democracy than the local news organization.

Unfortunately Apple News is excluding local newsrooms. 😡


Of ethical nihilists & Existential journalism


"It seems that all journalists are to some degree Machiavellians of one or both types, thriving on the scoop and the big story regardless of how they manage to get it" - Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic

McClatchy is set to launch its first digital-only newspaper in Youngstown, Ohio after the family-owned newspaper folded.


Social media dunks on Eric Trump for complaining about a reporter committing an act of journalism


Eric Trump inadvertently gets ratioed to hell while amplifying the tireless work of dedicated journalists who are covering Trump.


Something very worrying has happened in the world of journalism.

When we talk about the dangers for reporters around the world, it is hard not to conclude that there are no safe spaces any more.


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